The ongoing progress with CN:D v4 (11/22/19)

This is going to be the first developer log that I create and not post on the Game Jolt page.

CN:v4 has been in development for a few months now, and it's looking tremendous! Currently, I been improving the room teleportation on the developer and player side. It fades out and in, like Undertale! The developers can see where the teleporter will end up, making it easier to avoid any existing teleporter collisions.

Linuxydable is going to be creating a mini-game for the game! He's a professional developer, so he's going have much more moral luck and chance than I had. I couldn't barely get Dust by Daylight running properly. Glad he's going represent the first developer to add a mini-game to CN:D.

The android port is going to be given much more attention, compared to the past builds. The past builds were more broken, and I constantly thought the UI wasn't all that swell for the mobile players. I want to improve it much more, so mobile players can enjoy the gameplay and not worry about the controls. However, this is going be difficult, but this is going be worth it in the end.

Cosmo (TeX) has been using tilemaps in the editor for quite a while. To be honest, I stayed away from that, at the time, since it didn't look very intuitive. Witnessing him utilizing it now, with much better map customization and efficiencyit delivers me hope that maybe CN:D might prepare a much more proper world for players to explore around.

wanted to bring in a broader spectrum of audiences into the community. What more pleasing way to achieve this than localizing the game to their languages! The game will currently support a select few languages; RussianSpanishFrenchPortugueseGerman, and Italian! This is significant, since now every player can enjoy their own place in the community! These foreign speakers, though, will have to stay in their own separate server as to not disturb the English speakers (which is where the game is focused towards).

End note: CN:v4 is going alright, and I am excited to be finishing this demo for all the players. Especially, the foreign speakers.